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Bringing together teens from across the country who love to write and are passionate about teen health issues


Arjun Patel, Editor-in-Chief, Fullerton CA

Teens for Teen Health is a new nonprofit online news portal dedicated to teens exploring health issues that are most important to you.

We are currently looking for outstanding  young writers from across the country who are passionate about health and medicine.

Well-written original stories will be eligible for $10 (short-form) or $25 (long-form) Amazon or Starbucks gift cards.

If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer and submitting your original or previously published articles, please send an email to [email protected] or fill out the interest form below.

Please include your name, grade (or year in college) and school.  Also include  your reasons for wanting to join as well as any writing/journalism experience you may have. Our goal is to publish news and opinion articles and generate conversation from the entire gamut of health and wellness issues important to students from across the entire socioeconomic/race/gender spectrum.

Thank you!…