quaranteen – a poem


Kenna Berends, Poet and Contributing Writer, Osseo MN

they say life isn’t fair
and sure it isn’t
but this just doesn’t seem real
i miss my life
i miss my friends
i miss my sweet boy who makes me smile nonetheless
it’s funny because us kids wished for this
we wanted things to end
but now we sit here in silence and regret what we had said
what if things don’t get better?
what are we missing out on?
there’s a life out there
filled with highs and lows
but i’m scared that i won’t see it
i’m scared i tell you
i’m trying to be brave
but i know inside i’m losing it
what was the point if this is all it?
what if this was our life?
would i be satisfied?
no i tell you
i would not be satisfied
i never said the things i want to,
everything on my mind
i could have been a better person,
been a bit more kind
i could have given better hugs,
i could have held everyone tighter
i could have kissed a little longer
laughed so much more
i could have said “i love you” more.
is it too late?
my mind will kill me before this disease.