The Joy of Running


Priscilla Doran, Contributing Writer, Hixson TN

Several weeks ago, I ran 600 meter repeats. Often, they aren’t fun if they’re over 400 meters.
But as I ran around the block, I thought, How lucky I am to run. Running is an experience like
none other.
What can it give you?
1. Mindset: Something is better than nothing. Maybe you don’t have time. Maybe you
haven’t run before. Maybe you’re comparing yourself.
But running isn’t about that. It’s about pushing yourself. Just like getting 50% on an
assignment is better than 0, running one or two miles is better than doing none. Little
things add up.
2. Perseverance. Running isn’t just about miles, it’s about perseverance. Saying no to the
voice that tells you can’t. Running means pushing yourself and KNOWING you can do
something today that you couldn’t yesterday.
3. Endurance. (Running is hard work. If you work hard at running, that’s practice for
every other area of life. It might feel painful, but running increases endurance for doing
other good things, like waking up early, eating healthy, or studying).
4. Confidence. If you can run five miles, you can do anything.
5. Running clears your mind. How many times have I stormed out of the house for a run,
only to come back happier and calmer? Running puts issues in perspective and affirms
how capable you are.
6. “Think differently. By thinking, I have to run later, your run becomes just another chore.
But running is a privilege. Not everyone can do it, and there may come a day when
you won’t be able to anymore. If today isn’t that day, celebrate it. Think I get to run
instead of I have to run to help remember what a gift you’ve been given.” -Runner’s
7. Inspiration. When you’re out on a run, you never know what might encourage you: a
yellow iris, a pearlescent puddle, a blanket of clouds, a street paved with golden leaves.
How many of my story ideas do I owe to running? Often we take our surroundings for
granted when there’s so much beauty. Running helps us see that.
You won’t love every run. But don’t give up. Running gives when you don’t give up.