Eleven Things to Do in Quarantine to Reduce Anxiety


Krish Colon

Kenna Berends, Poet and Contributing Writer, Osseo MN


1. Read a book. Reading helps take your mind off things around you and puts you in someone else’s story for a while. It’s also a great way to pass time and learn new thing

2. Do some art. Drawing, coloring, writing, painting or doing chalk are some examples of getting creative and distressing. Art. is great way to have fun and make something cool at the same time. You can also use your worried thoughts to get inspired!

3. Write something. Writing is one of my personal favorite coping strategies. Poems, stories, songs, whatever you want! It doesn’t have to be shared, so write down how you you feel. Try writing in different fonts or colors to get more interesting!

4. Pamper yourself. Take a nice bubble bath, a hot shower, or do something new to your nails or hair. Giving some love to your body always makes you feel good. Pro tip: use scents like lavender when taking a bath or shower, it’s very calming!

5. Listen to music. Find your favorite songs and make a playlist. I even have one just for when I’m feeling anxious. I call it “Mind Music”. Find a new genre or artist, search others playlists on Spotify, or write some stuff of your own if you get inspired to. Sing and dance along!

6. Get some exercise. Exercise is scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety and depression. You may not be the most motivated to go and workout, but it definitely makes you feel good after! There are lots of great free apps and videos out there that you can use to help give you ideas on what to do. Go at your own pace and do whatever type of workouts you want. My go-to for when I’m anxious is full body stretching!

7. Meditation. Something that many people find soothing is meditating. You can find tons of free audios and videos online! Find a comfy spot, relax, focus in, and be in the moment.

8. Clean. Cleaning may not sound like the most fun thing to do, but it’s productive and makes you feel good. I always feel relieved after cleaning my room and making my bed. It makes me relaxed. Messy rooms = messy minds!

9. Watch a movie or TV. Being on a screen for too long will only worsen your mental health, but a bit each day can make you happier and more connected. Watch all the DVD’s you have in your house, the top 10 Netflix list, or look up the best movies in your favorite genre to rent. Watching something about someone else’s world is a good distraction that we all enjoy.

10. Go for a drive. Driving is a very common thing that people do to get their mind off things and get some fresh air. Roll the windows down, listen to some music, or go adventure somewhere fun. Not only does the sun give your body good energy and vitamins, but it makes you feel good. If you can’t drive yet, go for a walk or ride your bike.

11. Hang with your pets. Pets usually bring happiness to their owners, that’s why we have them, right? Pets are extremely good at sensing when a person is down, and they can actually make you feel better too. Play with your pet, cuddle it, feed it, clean their habitat, take it for a walk, etc. It’s ought to make you feel better!

I hope this article was somewhat helpful. I 100% recommend trying some of these things, as I know they all work great! Try making your own list of things to do when you’re feeling anxious or sad, then when you feel that way you can go to your list and know what to do to feel a bit better.