the storm – a poem

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Kenna Berends, Poet and Contributing Writer, Osseo MN

the storm

first comes my lightning

that strikes the fear in me

flashing in the sky 

anxiety beating me

then comes my thunder

the rise of it all

when all my emotions come together 

ready to just fall

after comes the rain

the tears from above

the climax of my thoughts and worries

needing to come out

then all together it goes

a perfect mixture of chaos

my mind is the swirling storm

blowing in the wind

after all my rain comes down

and my thunder has run out

i see a light in the distance

a beautiful rainbow


you are my rainbow 

my calm after the storm

my umbrella shadowing over me

shielding me from the world

shining your light over my darkness

helps me through the day

through my storms and worried thoughts

it all soon breaks away. 

Kenna Berends


I got the inspiration to write “The Storm” while it was actually storming outside! I was up in the night listening to the thunder and I had this super cool idea to compare mental illness to the stages of the storm. I was thinking about my favorite quote as well, “If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain”. I think of my anxiety as the storm, and my loved ones as my rainbow, or the umbrella mentioned in my poem.