Adriana James-Rodil
My name is Adriana James-Rodil, and I am a senior in high school at the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa, Florida. Beginning my sophomore year, I further delved into the world of journalism and writing by joining my schools’ online newspaper Achona Online. My junior year I became the Multimedia Editor which allowed me to further my skills in both leadership and writing and thus aided in my development as I became aware of the importance of being opinionated and covering topics that affect all people — such as health and medicine. I then began writing for Teens for Teen Health the summer before my senior year and am now also the Editor-in-Chief of Achona Online. As someone who has played tennis since the age of four, remaining fit and active is an essential part of my well-being, but the injuries I have sustained from playing — tearing my anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) in both legs — have negatively impacted my mental and physical health Subsequently, by writing for Teens for Teen Health, I hope to contribute to spreading awareness of the severity of sports injuries, which are often downplayed, and the mental consequences that often follow.

Adriana James-Rodil, Contributing Writer, Tampa FL

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Adriana James-Rodil