Tanya Vidhun
Hi! My name is Tanya, a 9th grader at Valencia High School in Placentia, CA, and I'm a contributing writer for Teens for Teen Health. I've competed in science olympiad for Kraemer Middle School for two years in the biology events, including epidemiology where I learned about public health and diseases. I hope to continue to pursue health and medicine in the future. I enjoy writing as well, and believe that health plays a vital role in our lives as teens whether it's physically or mentally, as we begin caring for ourselves and becoming more independent. By spreading awareness, we can create a strong line of defense for any health hazards the world may pose on us. A few of my hobbies are playing the violin & piano, reading, and calligraphy.

Tanya Vidhun, Science Editor/Contributing Writer, Yorba Linda CA

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Tanya Vidhun